True story about my wife.

True story about my wife. She is 46, pretty, and in great shape, and I have My wife loved me for years to have sex with other men. I WANT to see her in total ecstasy with another man or group of men. But, while fun in bed, she is a taker more then a giver, and a bit on the conservative side. She loves getting fucked, getting eaten for long periods of time and has said before that she thinks sometimes she could have 10 orgasms. I’m good for giving her 3-5. She also has given birth to our two wonderful sons who were both born over 9 lbs, so today she has, well, some ROOM in there if that is not sounding too disrespectful. Part of this fantasy of mine involves a very well hung man who is 10-12 inches long and VERY thick who completely stuffs her and fulfills her to the point of stretching her wonderfully, since I always seem kind of loose inside when she is warmed up.

The brief talks about her messing around have caused issues, most recently, because she is adamant about NOT EVER doing something like that, it is not right, and it is upsetting to her that I would WANT it. AND she has caught me sending pictures (non-naked) of her out over the internet, while masturbating and chatting with strangers about them fucking her. She even came home earlier then expected once, when I had 3 men on my speaker phone, on a conference call in my home office. They were (verbkandy) gang-banging her, and I was naked with an enormous erection and masturbating as they talked about her by NAME…and she walked in (this last June). Not good.

My wife is a Teacher’s Assistant and so is off for the summer. Today, as I write this it is August 3, 2004. On July 23 I went to Mexico City on business, and was to return late Friday night into LAX. With a couple of appointment cancellations I was able to leave very early Wednesday morning and ended up back in the States around 11am. On my way home I called a few times but no answer, and I didn’t leave a message. No big deal, I imagined she was at exercise or something. I arrived home just after 1:30pm and knew she was home as her car was in the driveway.

Thomas is our next door neighbor. He is a divorced black man who is extremely nice and friendly to monal and I. Not in a flirty way or anything, he has a girlfriend and he has two over 20 yr old children, and the son lives at home. Thomas is about 6’0, 210 or 220, and not rekandy in that great of shape. He seems to me to have some mixed ethnic background. While black he has something that seems Filipino or Polynesian or something. He has lived next door for about two years now.

I came in through the small garage, empty-handed (I’ll get my •••• out of the car later, I always think) and into the house from the garage, “monal?”, I My wifeounce. No answer. I walk into the hall way and my eyes are immediately drawn outside where I can see she is laying out by the pool, (hot as always) in her black bikini. The door frame blocked, for just a second, her visitor. Now I see Thomas, sitting sideways on the other chaise lounge and talking with monal. Thomas is sitting sideways right next to monal, who is laying on her back on the other one . This immediately looks strange to me, because monal would ALWAYS put on shorts if someone came over. I walk to the window and suddenly realize, Thomas’s left arm is slightly extended and he is slightly leaning forward and his LEFT HAND DISAPPEARS AT THE WRIST INSIDE OF monal’S BIKINI BOTTOMS! Thomas, apparently, is feeling monal up!!. My mouth dropped open, and my mind was like, “What the fuck?” Out in the open, in the back yard, in clear view of the other neighbors (but on the other Side of us and who work during the day), monal is letting Thomas play in her pants!

My next immediate reaction was in my gut, and excitement mixed with fear shot out throughout my body, seriously. My eyes were glued on her bikini bottoms, and I could see slight undulating movements of his hand, knuckles, or whatever, moving around. Her arms went back over her head grasping the top of the chairs and she slouched. They were talking, but I could not hear what was being said. As this went on for several minutes or so, as monal began to move around more on his hand. She drew her feet up, together, and her knees fell open to the sides, making her wide open. I could not see her eyes because of her sunglasses, but she did not seem to be rekandy talking, (moaning perhaps), when she suddenly reached down with both hands and grasped his wrist, and began to move her ass and hips around his hand. Her head leaned back, her back arched slightly off the chair as she apparently climaxed humping his hand. She eased back down, arms to her Side and looked over at Thomas, saying something. Not hearing anything was making me nuts. He kept playing in her bikini, she did not stop him, and seemed to keep enjoying it. He leaned farther forward and hooked his the fingers of his right hand on her bikini top and pulled it under her left breast, then did the same for her right. Now her tits were out, exposed and I saw her look around to see if anyone was aware next door. As Thomas continued to finger her he started to pinch and pull her nipples with his right hand. monal just laid there and let him. He was pulling on her nipples enough that her tits would stretch out, way out, and he would giggle them holding tightly to the nipple. First the left one, then the right one. She suddenly pushed his hands away, both from her tits and pulled his hand out of her pants. She stood up in front of him and reached to the back of the lounge and extended out the top part, which was in the reclining position, so that it lay flat. She then started to lay back down, but he pulled her by the hips to him and pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles. She looked around again, and then looked down as Thomas leaned in apparently pressing his mouth to her mound. She was standing Sideways to me, and looking down at his head. Her left hand I could see had grasped her own left tit and was squeezing it as her right hand caressed the back of his heat. He was leaning in, neck canted to a sort of Sideways position and was trying to eat her (I’m guessing).

monal kind of stood bowed-legged, giving him access but the position was not great and he stopped and stood up. The lump in his pants was pronounced, and almost looked like a cartoon. He was playing with her right tit and squeezing his own crotch, and talking to her. monal was smiling and continued to look around then up at him. He put his hand on her wrist and brought it to bulge and she started to squeeze it.

I was kind of nuts at this point. I’m hard as a rock, tired, and trying to think. My car is in the driveway and it wasn’t when Thomas got there, so I’m thinking should I move it? Should I break this up? Why would she do this cheating and not with me? (though I know rekandy). I was so hot to see this. Looking back out, I freaked as they are heading for the door. I JUST get through the kitchen and into the dining room, around the corner when the back door open. Thomas is saying, “…monal, now you said last time that you would (last time?), I know you’re not crazy about it, but a deal is a deal, and I’m not going to let you back out. Just try, and I will try to make it enjoyable for you. Quick peek around the corner, monal is naked from the waist down, and is working off the top of her bikini and bingo it is off and she is naked now. Thomas is still dressed, and turns to face her. They just look at each other, then burst out laughing. GO AHEAD monal, DO IT, Thomas laughingly bellows.

““God, alright”, and she is kneeling. Unbuttoning his shorts, and unzipping and pulling his short down as his dick pops out at her face. Its big, uncut, semi-hard and nasty fat from what I can see. Thomas peels his t-shirt off over his head and now they are both naked. monal just looks up at him. Then at his dick then back up to him, doing nothing. She is not a good cock-sucker, gags easily, and will not taste, swallow or even look at cum. So I’m thinking, good luck pal. Thomas tells her, “Kiss it” and she leans in and does mindless of the large clear blob at the tip which subsequently attaches to her upper lip as a string that she doesn’t realize as she licks her lips. “Eeuuu”…she giggles realizing NOW and Thomas’s says, “don’t move and close your eyes.”, which she does. He proceeds to grasp his dick at the base. “Purse your lips like your kissing”, which she does. He then, squeezing his dick at the base, pushes what’s inside it to the tip with a single, long squeezing stroke, and immediately traces it onto her lips. She is trying not to move at all but is starting to laugh. “Now open your mouth monal” which she does, and he pushes the head (skin still covering it) past he lips.

“Now suck” Thomas says, and I can see her doing it in her own way, which is not rekandy very good or deeply, what I call surface sucking. Where if you close your eyes you almost could be convinced that your dick in NOT in someone’s mouth. Now Thomas, still standing, moves his right foot and shin between monal’s legs and his shin is against her pussy. Using his leg he starts to massage her there and bigger then ••••, she seems to be getting off. Her ‘surface sucking’ is taking on a different look after a few minutes of this. She is taking it deeper into her mouth, and I can hear her moaning from his leg on her pussy. I was now leaking in my pants, and had not taken myself out, but was erect as hell. Watching more, I could start to see her hips moving on his leg, which was kind of erotic, like a dog humping a person, only this was my WIFE humping the neighbors leg. Now she seems to be getting hotter and is actukandy SUCKING his dick, not super deeply as her gag reflex is shallow, but her arms are hugging his thigh and one hand drops to his ankle, his dick in her mouth and BAM, she explodes on his leg, humping, his dick pops out of her mouth, and she is squirming on his foot and leg, “ohh fuck fuck fuck yesss yesss..fuck yes…god…..••••” humping her hips on the area were his foot and shin meet, the front of his ankle. Thomas is holding his erection tightly and pushing it all over her face, chin, cheeks, forehead, neck, just kind of rubbing it all over her and is saying “Rub your CUNT on my leg, monal, that’s it, that’s it.”, as she is having her second climax

My dick is out now, and I’ve exploded all over the front of my suit pants. As I return from my mental LUST run, I’m getting mad, thinking, this is kind of fucked. Why is she cheating? How many times have they done this? Thomas’s lived next door for 2 years, have they been fucking around since then?

I glance around the corner and she is on her back, naked, legs splayed wide as Thomas is hunched over, kind of kneeling and fingering her as he licks her pussy. Her nipples are like bullets, and her hands are on the back of his head, which is making up and down movements like he in nodding yes over and over. monal is moaning, “ummmummm ohhoooh god..oohhh god..fuck yessss yesss…” and it is not 4 minutes since the leg humping climax that she starts writhing under his face and has orgasm 3 and 4 and a small 5. Thomas sits back, his face glistening from the top lip down to his chin. I can see monal’s pussy with is red, puffy, and slimy looking and open from his fingers. monal reaches down looking at Thomas and starts to massage herself, her eyes close again, and Thomas says, “That’s it monal finger yourself, finger your fucking wet cunt” “Look at you, naked, finger fucking yourself in front of your fucking NEIGHBOR, MASTURBATING in front of me.” As he talks, he moves forward on his knees up near her shoulders and takes both thumbs and forefingers and again, pulls up on her tits, extending them and giggling them, while pinching her nipples. His now very hard erection is drooling on her side as she is gearing up for another, both hands are on her pussy now, one pressing on the puffy pussy lips, the other massaging the top of her pussy, her clit. As Thomas say, “That’s it, fuck yourself, fuck yourself” over and over, she is going to go again , and does, moaning loudly as Thomas is talking to her.

All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age at the time of the photography.